Foraging has always been an interest and its so important to sustaining a self-sufficient and sustainable life. Our ancient forests are full of secret ingredients that only a few know about.

We have been on a few foraging courses [definitely recommend everyone should give them a shot – personally feel they should be on the national curriculums!], so we have a basic knowledge of a few seasonal treasures [that are easily distinguishable] and would love to share our knowledge with you.

We are very lucky to have some wonderful woodlands near to where we live and for the past few weeks we have been blessed with new spring leaves!

Wild garlic and young hawthorn leaves have been on the menu for the past few weeks – the best leaves are the youngest leaves so the earlier they begin to sprout, the better. April has been fab and we are now sadly approaching the end of the wild garlic season – but fear not, they are still around for a few more weeks!

If you get the chance, pop out to your local woodlands [make sure you have permission to forage] and have a look for wild garlic or Hawthorn leaves. Wild garlic is really easy to spot now due to its beautiful, delicate white flowers and Hawthorn is also easily recognisable from its leaves and spiked branches!

Recipes we love with wild garlic – simple wild garlic pesto, wild garlic soup with sough dough, a simple asparagus and wild garlic salad. Its a wonderful delicate garlic flavour – also freezes really well.

Happy foraging!


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