It’s been a busy couple of weeks trying to get together all the seeds that we have planned out for the plots alongside germinating them all and keeping to our schedule to ensure that we don’t miss out on getting them in the ground in time.

Covid 19 has been a slight restriction in terms of tending to the plots and we have also noticed that we haven’t got all the seeds that we originally had planned for so we have made some adjustments and added some new fellows to the mix.

Alexandra [Ben’s other half] has been known as ‘Mother Seed’ the last few weeks as she has been talking and tending to the seedlings preparing them for the plots. As has Natasha and our niece Xia – every morning Xia will tend to her ‘planty, planty’s’; talking and watering them [she’s only 2 – setting up the future generations – ha!].

We have found that newspaper pots have been pretty useful and we will be able to plant the seedlings straight into the ground [or bigger pots] when they are ready to go outside.

They are really easy to make – we did the rolling method [aka the lazy method] but here is a great video on origami pots where you fold the paper [

So far we have planted; tomatoes, onions, broccoli, okra, potatoes, lettuce, beans, butternut squash, pumpkin, mustard, spinach, oca, beetroot, carrots, peas, aubergine, asparagus, strawberries and numerous herbs [that list was reeled off from memory so I may be missing some – forgive me!].

We would love to know what you have planted this year?

Okra Plants – 3 weeks old

4 thoughts on “SOWING SEASON

  1. I always used to love the beginning of gardening season with early planting of seeds like you are doing. Now that I live in an apartment it is no longer possible to have a real garden. But I still grow plants indoors anyway. Great blog, have a wonderful day!😃😺


    1. Thanks so much Steve! It’s a very exciting time – although running out of seed trays and pots has been a little annoying – thank goodness for toilet roll tubes and newspaper.

      Although you live in an apartment there is still lots for you to plant – especially those wonderful air purifying plants such as peace lily and aloe vera. In fact, we have grown 2 lemon trees from seed [they are still very small] but have done well on the window sill and are approximately 45cm tall now!

      Microherbs and a few lettuce also don’t need too much space either. Please don’t stop growing!
      Have a wonderful day! :]


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