Building our compost bins from old pallets

So, I have a friend that has a warehouse – with lots of pallets! When I sent a photo of the 99+ pallets to Ben, he immediately said; “GET THEM ALL!”.

First task…finding a van…check

Second task…loading the van…check

Third task…transporting the pallets…check

Fourth task…emptying the pallets from the van…check

Fifth task…transporting the pallets to the garden………..PAINFUL!!

Anyway, we managed to get 49 pallets inside a Sprinter van and we drew out a plan for the pallets and decided where they were going to go. Managed to transport 9 pallets over to the grounds for assembling.

Sixth task…taking apart the pallets…[insert crying face]

When I say that I have never come across pallets as stubborn to come apart as these…the plan was to take away one side and then the middle sections to be left with a nice panel, build into three separate large squares – not sure why, but I am sure Ben will explain…[one of his completely unnecessary ideas if you ask me – but I’m just going with the flow].

So we managed to get ONE clean pallet side, then gave up for the day…we were exhausted! We propped up the other pallets to check the sizings and see how they would look – its starting to resemble the shape of a compost bin…

Next steps is to remove the rest of the squares, level up, line and fill!

Tools used so far: Small Rotary saw to saw out the middle sections, a hammer and wrench to take away the wood blocks on each side and an electric screwdriver to join together one side.

This challenge is to still be faced…to be continued!


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