The Sustainable Dream

As 3 young children, we always spoke about one day owning our own farm…Ben would be the grower / cultivator, Natasha would cook all the produce and run the shop and Tania would be in charge of the animals.

You could say we have always had an affinity towards nature, the outdoors, animals and growing things. Our parents were the ones who stemmed this love for nature in us. Dad has this undying love for trees and birds and mum has a natural green finger and creative eye. We were always allowed us to go outside [probably to stop us making a mess inside the house] but we always enjoyed it – creating imaginary games, feeling the fresh crisp early morning air, collecting morning dew and making perfumes from flower petals [- whilst trying to sell it to the neighbours] and going fishing in our garden pond [no fish were harmed in the process – goldfish are way smarter than they look!].
At the young ages of 5,7 and 9 we moved into a new house in Kent which had a lovely sizeable garden. Our parents decided they would make us our own 3 mini ‘allotments’ where we would choose what we wanted to grow, every year we would prepare the beds and grow our own produce, enjoying the process in its entirety.

As we are all now in our late twenties/ early thirties, we have a different outlook on the world, the damage we have created by being human beings is destroying the only world we will ever have. We feel that we should be using technology and all the sources available today in the most efficient way possible, its just hard to get people in line with a certain vision, but we know that we are slowly moving towards being more aware of how we can preserve our world for a bit longer and for future generations.
The sustainable dream is our ‘sibling collective vision’ as to how we would love to live our lives to support our present and future on this earth.

Our vision has these core values;

Resourcefulness – driven to find a way. Inspiring out-of-the-box thinking, the generation of new ideas, and the ability to visualise all the possible ways to achieve what we desire.

Sustainable, conscious living – always being aware of the environment, showing it full respect. Reducing waste and using the natural resources we have in the best way possible.

Honesty – being real with ourselves and others about who we are, what we want and what we need to live our most authentic lives. Sharpening our perception and allowing us to observe everything around us with clarity.

We one day sincerely dream to open our own working farm [with a joint hotel / retreat], supplying produce to towns, sell our homemade produce [from naturally pressed oils, preserves and fresh produce] – online or in our own ‘refill shop’, and create awareness of the beauty of nature – all with the underlying goal to aid our human bodies with the highest level of nutrients. We never want to stop learning new skills and teaching those around us to preserve these for our generation and for the future generations to come.

We will leave a positive footprint in the world.

Lets go!

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